We’re only just getting started

Three years ago I left a good job to do freelance work and start my own company. Around the time I left I read lots of books. One of them was Duncan Bannatyne’s book, Wake Up and Change Your Life. Duncan is from the same town as me, so I wanted to check out what he had to say!

There were many good points in the book, but one of the key points that I have stuck by throughout the last three years is stopping every quarter and reviewing what I am doing, what’s working and what’s not.

For Tracks, I set progress review periods every quarter. I started Tracks officially on 12 July 2012, so today was the third progress review I have done.

I can’t overstate how useful these reviews have been. At progress reviews, I look at what I’ve achieved in the last three months, what I set out to do and what I’m going to do in the next three months.

I use good old pen and paper to take notes and I normally go somewhere that’s not used for work. Today, I’m at Bush Theatre. A local place that’s creative and inspiring to be in.

Looking back today was great, but looking back to July 12th (or April 2012 when Tracks was a side project) was so enlightening. The work that we have done, the conversations I’ve had with users from across the world and all the ups and downs along the way really stand out. Especially because many of the notes are written down on bits of paper (and pinned to my wall).

Seeing the progress gives me so much enthusiasm and motivation because already I can see the “track” we have built (pardon the pun).

And the beauty is, we’re only just getting started.