Tracks in 2016

This is our last update of the year… So we wanted to post a list of the major improvements to Tracks in 2016 and how they can help you in 2017.

We’ve had a great year this year, but it wouldn’t have been so good without you. Thank you so much for being part of it.

Have a great December.

New Timeline and Pipeline views

You can now see up to 12 months of deals in one timeline view. Plus you can set up a sales pipeline with sales stages and drag your deals through these stages. Read more.

new views

The Today and Home buttons

Go straight to “today” from any pipeline view and set your own default view and when you login, you’ll be taken straight there. Read more.

setting your home default view

Custom date range

Don’t want to see all your deals in the sales pipeline? Set a custom date range to filter out the ones you don’t want to see. Read more.


Conversion rates

See your conversion rates for almost any data in Tracks from confidence levels to sales stages and from colleagues to the previous 12 months. Read more.

Conversion rates for users

Integrate with Highrise Custom Fields

Edit your Sales Stages or Closing Date in Highrise and see the changes in Tracks. Read more.

confidence custom field

Posting notes to Highrise

Don’t want updates from tracks appearing in your Highrise activity feed? You can switch it off. Read more.

Collapsed view

A long sought after feature was the ability to show more or less on the pipeline view. Now you can. Read more.

New collapsed view

Traffic Lights

We added traffic light symbols to the side of each deal. Amber, for example, means the deal needs updated. The challenge – should you accept it – is to turn all the lights to green. Read more.


Deals added this month

You can now view your deals by the date they were added to Highrise – rather than the Closing Date set. Read more.

deals by user


Billing and payments upgrade

Tons of improvements including changing the account owner, updating credit card details, changing the receipt email and a billing history. Read more.

billing history

Exporting upgrade

Like the billing updates we added a bunch of improvements including export by Data Added, links to Quick Dates, choosing columns to export and a history of exports. Read more.

quick dates

Cold deal warnings

Now you can change the number of days it takes for a deal to be recognised as “cold” in Tracks. Read more.

Deal view with new cold warning