Tracks and Highrise Custom Fields

In November, we wrote about Highrise developing Custom Fields for Deals, which was released in December. Since then we’ve been waiting for Custom Fields to be available via the Highrise API, so that we could be integrate with them.

The good news is that Custom Fields are now available in the Highrise API. The even better news is that we have built an integration between Highrise Custom Fields and the Tracks Closing Date and Tracks Custom Fields. And it is available now!

This is super exciting for one big reason: you can now update Highrise deals with a closing date, sales stage, confidence level and / or any other data and Tracks will automatically update. No more switching between the two systems. This is a big result for us (and you, hopefully!), and it will lead to many more developments.

But to start with, we wanted to take you through some examples of how to get Highrise Custom Fields and Tracks connected.

Connecting the Closing Date

You’ll see in the video below that it is pretty straight forward to connect the Tracks Closing Date to a Highrise Custom Field. It’s worth pointing out that the format for the Closing Date in Highrise is really important – see the explanation at 1:45.

Setting up sales stages

In the video below, we describe how to create a Tracks Custom Field called Sales Stages and connect it to a Highrise Custom Field called Sales Stage. Although the example is for Sales Stages, the process is the same for all Custom Fields.

The most important part of connecting Custom Fields between Highrise and Tracks is making sure that the Pre-defined Values in the Highrise Custom Field match the Custom Field Values in your Tracks Custom Field.

More help

If you login to Tracks and visit the Closing Date page you will find more information about how the Closing Date sync works. Plus we are in the process of creating more help articles.

We are also happy to help you set up the integration between Highrise Custom Fields and Tracks, so please just email us at [email protected] and we will do our best for you.