Using any new software can be difficult to get your head around. Watch the short videos below to help you get up to speed with Tracks.

If you have questions then just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back within a day. You can also check out our FAQ and if you are not sure on how best to set up Highrise and Tracks then email us what you are trying to do and we’ll give you some advice.

1. The 60 Second Introduction

A quick intro into what Tracks is and some main features

2. The Pipeline Views

All you need to know about dragging and dropping deals, searching and navigation

Have a look at this useful article on sales pipleine views too

3. The Deal Interface

Adding and editing deals and focusing on what’s next

4. Managing Contacts

How to add a contact and company to a deal and how to set the order that contacts are listed

5. Daily & Weekly Emails

You’ll receive daily or weekly emails prompting you about deals that are going cold

6. Custom Confidence Levels

See how to set your own confidence levels

Have a look at this useful article on sales pipleine views too

7. Custom Fields

Set the data you want to track from referrals to sales processes and connect to Highrise Custom Fields

There is more help documentation on this here and here.

8. Recurring Deals

Got deals that occur monthly, quarterly or yearly – learn how to do it here.

Watch the second video to see how Recurring Deals affect Conversion Rates.

9. Notes & Tasks

You can push notes and tasks from Tracks to Highrise.

Watch the second video, if you want to know how to swith off posting notes to Highrise.

10. Syncing With Highrise

You can sync deals, contacts, notes, comments and emails from Highrise and many other things. The first video covers keeping deals in sync and the second video covers importing new deals and how Tracks handles deals that have been deleted from Highrise.

Check this useful article out too on the new Highrise and Tracks sync.

11. Logging in and authentication

You don’t need to authenticate with Highrise every time you login. Here’s a video on how to set a Remember Me cookie.

12. Syncing Highrise Custom Fields with Tracks

This videos opposite walk you through connecting Highrise Custom Fields to the Tracks Closing Date and Tracks Custom Fields. You can also follow the 9 steps in this article.

13. Exporting Deals to Excel

This video covers some recent improvements to the export function in Tracks. You can export all your deals (including all your deals in Highrise) to Excel (CSV) for further analysis of your sales pipeline.

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