The Today button and the Home button

When we launched the new sales pipeline views last month for Tracks for Highrise, we also added two new buttons that make it easier and quicker to navigate Tracks. They are called the Today button and the Home button. Here’s some information about our new friends 🙂

The Today button

When you login to Tracks, the view that you are taken to is the timeline view starting at the month of your oldest pending deal i.e. if you have a pending deal with a closing date of two months ago then Tracks will log you in two months back from today. Sometimes you want to go straight to the current month, so in order to quickly do that we’ve added a “Today” button. You can see how this works below.

quick link to today

The Home button

Following on from the “Today” button, you can now set your own home view (or default view). This can be a timeline view, sales stages, confidence, users – or any of the other views we’ve added including any filters you have set. When you login, you’ll be taken to your home view. It is your default – and you can change it any time.

setting your home default view


If you have any questions about these new features then please just get in touch with Gregor or Ruth at [email protected]