The new sync with Highrise deals

The start of the year at Tracks was dedicated to building the new sales pipeline views in Tracks for Highrise. But in the last month, we’ve been working on a few backend improvements.

Recently, we’ve completed an overhaul of our sync with Highrise deals. We’ve also been working on the integration with Highrise Custom Fields and a Highrise to Tracks Closing Date sync.

Sync Improvements

Put simply: the sync with Highrise is now faster and more frequent. So you’ll see your updates in Highrise appear in Tracks without much of a wait.

You now also have a new “Run sync now” option when you are logged into Tracks that takes seconds to sync rather than minutes (or hours!).

Plus we’ve removed the confusion between importing deals and updating existing deals. Now there is no difference. When the sync with Highrise runs it 1) imports new deals to Tracks and 2) updates Tracks with any changes made in Highrise.

improvements to the sync with Highrise

The Closing Date sync (coming soon)

If you use Highrise Custom Fields for setting the Closing Date of deals then soon you’ll be able to have the Closing Date you set in Highrise sync with Tracks. This will make forecasting, SO much easier. We are testing this right now, and it is working great.

Closing dates in Highrise deals

Syncing confidence levels, sales stage, etc. (in development)

We’ve started to build a tool that maps Highrise Custom Fields (e.g sales stages) to category groups in Tracks. Like the Closing Date sync, this will make sales forecasting in Tracks much easier and quicker. And save you having to jump between Tracks and Highrise to update your sales pipeline. Stay tuned for when this goes live.

Anyway, that’s all for just now. As always, just email [email protected] if you have any feedback or comments. We want to help.

Thanks for reading.

PS – All these improvements above are the result of feedback we have received from customers – so if you have feedback, please don’t hesitate to email. We listen!

*** UPDATE – 14 March 2016 – Custom Fields Live ***

We have now released the integration with Highrise Custom Fields. You can connect a Custom Filed to the Closing Date in Tracks and you can also connect your Tracks Category groups (like sales stages) to a Highrise Custom Field. Read more about the Custom Field integration here.

*** UPDATE – 25 March 2016 – Deleted Deals Sync Live ***

As part of the new sync with Highrise, we are releasing ongoing improvements. The first improvement is handling deals that have been deleted in Highrise. When you have enabled the Tracks Auto Sync with Highrise, Tracks will import all new deals and changes to deals. Now it handles deals that have been deleted i.e. if a deal is deleted in Highrise, it will be deleted in Tracks. This keeps it all nicely in sync!