Syncing Tracks users with Highrise

As part of our quest to continually improve our integration with Highrise we’ve added the ability to sync users.

syncing tracks users with highrise

Prior to today, Tracks would pull in new Highrise users when you login or sign up. But there was no way of deleting users or keeping users between the two systems in sync. Today that’s all changed.

Now any time an automatic or manual sync or import is carried out users are synced too. Old users will be deleted with the relevant deals updated, new users will be added and any changes like a change of email will be made. This all happens when you login too.

This carries on from the same functionality being added for Highrise categories. The same rules apply above for categories. Hopefully, in the future we’ll do the same with other parts of Highrise like deal notes and tasks. This all helps keep manual work down giving you more time to get on and do your job.