Below is a selection of comments from reviews posted on GetApp, Google Marketplace and a range of other sites. It’s important to us to be transparent – we’re not perfect – so we shared some 3 and 4 star reviews as well as the best ones.

Through the small investment that I made in Tracks I have picked up multiple accounts that I would have not gotten any other way

A fantastic tool that had a really positive impact on our business

We didn’t need a full blown CRM; Tracks has all of the features that we need to manage our business development

Gregor has been great at answering questions and giving me feedback on what I’m trying to accomplish

I’m a very visual person, and Tracks really helps me keep things up to date, and spot deals that are going a bit stale

You can easily see your pipeline, make quick updates, drag and drop, change the probabilities as you go down through your sales process

A straight forward and user friendly sales management tool that has and is growing with us

I like the simplicity of the user interface because it is easy to use which has meant our team has picked it up really quickly

We like Tracks because it gives us the basics we need to track sales opportunities and share them with our development team as well as sales and marketing

Since the pipeline is so crucial it is great to have a clear and distinct space to keep all that info

We’ve been using Tracks for almost a year and it keeps getting better and more powerful