Product updates and what’s next

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays we made some tweaks to Tracks for Highrise (see below for what else is in the pipeline – pun intended!). Here’s what we’ve changed…

Ordering and sorting by category group

You can now order and sort your deals in the pipeline view by category group.

ordering deals by category

Setting (and removing) confidence levels

Confidence levels have always been in Tracks, but now you can turn them off or on depending on your requirements. When switched on you’ll get weighted values for your pending deals in your pipeline. Alternatively, you can switch confidence levels off and even completely remove them from Tracks.

confidence levels group

Setting your default currency as “—“

The default currency feature is there to make things quicker for you. But what happens when you don’t want to use currencies? Well you don’t need to anymore in Tracks – and you don’t need to set a default currency either. This is handy for those who use Tracks and Highrise for tracking numbers of orders or units rather than currency totals.

default currencies

What’s next?

We did a customer survey just before Christmas and got lots of feedback on things that need to be improved. There was an overwhelming response for being able to see your deals grouped by sales pipeline stage. So that’s what is next!

sales stages Tracks for Highrise

There are a number of changes we are making to make this happen, but we aim to have this new feature released at the end of January. We are also looking to integrate this with custom fields for deals in Highrise – hopefully, we’ll be able to do that soon when Highrise make custom fields available in the API.

Adding in sales stages is the big job for January. But there is much more to come over the next few months.

Stay tuned.