Part 1 of moving to beta – “Less clunk, more funk”

Today we released the new interface for Tracks. It’s a tidy up. It might look marginally the same, but there are some significant improvements both in the technology (it’s faster) and in the layout options (there are more).

But we are not stopping there. Far from it.

tracks confidence

This release is only the first of many over the next couple of months that will take us to what we will officially call “beta”. Our approach has always been to iterate; make minor changes, test, release and then improve. Due to the level of work involved in changing the interface, small iterations were not possible. But we’re now in a great position to start pushing out improvements again on a weekly basis. Yay!

So what’s changed then?

Without getting into the nitty gritty of the technology there are a handful of major changes that improve the overal experience.

First of all, you can now drag ‘n’ drop deals between columns (works on touch screens too). Secondly, there are more view options; you can view deals weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly and you can filter and sort these changes in a variety of ways.

tracks export to excel

The third major change is in the way that you navigate your pipeline. There are no page reloads now, so when you are clicking between weeks or months or filtering results the deals are updated much faster than before. This works for most browsers (if you’re running an older browser you might run into some issues).

The last major introduction was the move from being free to a paid service. For new sign ups there is a 30 day trial period with the option of a Standard Account ($99 per year) or a Plus Account ($149 per year). The main difference being that Plus Accounts come with Highrise integration. Founding Members, of course, have Tracks free for 2 years.

Tracks payment options

Wait… I can’t see any charts

Yes that’s right, there are no charts in the new version. This is temporary. The old charts were mediocre at best and as a result difficult for us to commit to redesigning for this release. This is something we will pick up again though. It’s a big job and this time we want to get it right

What’s next then?

As I mentioned, we’ll be back to rolling out improvements in short iterations. There are a raft of developments planned from improving the syncing and importing from Highrise to adding advanced export options. We’re also doing some work on handling contact data and there are a number of features that have been requested by some of our loyal users.

There is definitely much more in the pipeline, but until then if you have any questions or feedback then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Hopefully, you’ll agree that there is now less clunk and more funk in the new version of Tracks 🙂

Thanks for reading