New sales pipeline views

Today we launched a number of improvements to Tracks for Highrise including new timeline views, default views and viewing your deals by Custom Fields (like sales stages), confidence levels and users.

Some of these improvements have been in development for a while, and some came off the back of the customer survey we did before Christmas. Here they are:

New timeline views

Until today, you could only view the timeline in two, three or four columns. That meant – using three columns as an example – three weeks, three months, three quarters or three years. We’ve now released up to 12 columns, so you can view your deals across 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 quarters and even 12 years! Check it out below:

additional timeline views

Custom Fields and Users view

A long awaited improvement has been the option of viewing deals by Custom Field, confidence levels and users. You can now do this meaning you can set up – for example – a sales pipeline with sales stages and drag your deals through these stages.


Reordering columns

Of course, when you are able to see your deals grouped by Custom Field you might want to reorder how the Custom Fields appear in the view i.e. like ordering sales stages to your preference. Below shows you how to do this. It’s quick and easy.

reordering your columns in the pipeline view

You can reorder your sales stages very easily

reordering users in the sales pipeline view

Put yourself first!

The Today button

When you login to Tracks, the view that you are taken to is the timeline view starting at the month of your oldest pending deal i.e. if you have a pending deal with a closing date of two months ago then Tracks will log you in two months back from today. Sometimes you want to go straight to the current month, so in order to quickly do that we’ve added a “Today” button. You can see how this works below.

quick link to today

The Home button

Following on from the “Today” button, you can now set your own home view (or default view). This can be a timeline view, sales stages, confidence, users – or any of the other views we’ve added including any filters you have set. When you login, you’ll be taken to your home view. It is your default – and you can change it any time.

setting your home default view

What’s next?

After reading the feedback from the customer survey, we’ve got much more planned – both new features and improvements to existing features. One key improvement to the changes above will be to integrate all your Custom Fields with Highrise Custom Fields. We’re still waiting on Custom Fields being available via the Highrise API, but fingers crossed it’s not too far away!

That’s all for just now. If we can help with the changes above or anything else then please just email us and we’ll get back the same day: [email protected]

PS – if you think we are doing a good job then please tell your friends who use Highrise!