Interface Tip: User experience improvements #2

The old way of importing Highrise deals into Tracks wasn’t working. If you had a lot deals to import Tracks would hang on you. You also had to import pending, won and lost deals separately.

First and foremost it was a bad design by us. We are also limited by the Highrise API, as we can’t call “the most recent deals” or “deals this week” or “deals since the 1st June”. The end result was a badly executed user experience.

This week we made it better.

Now you’ve got one button. If you want to import your deals then just click on the green button and we’ll do the rest in the background. There’s no hanging around, no importing different statuses and no return errors that don’t mean much (sorry about that). Instead, we do the import work whilst you can continue what you were doing. We also send you an email when the import is finished.

Importing your Highrise deal can now be done at the click of a button

Importing your Highrise deals can now be done at the click of a button

Note: if you are a paying Tracks user your new deals are imported automatically