Improved pipeline views

We’ve recently started the process of implementing MaintainableCSS across Tracks. One of the main reasons we are doing this is so that we can start to make iterative style changes to the app. MaintainableCSS makes it easier for us to do that.

The pipeline views are first to be updated with MaintainableCSS (which we released last month). And this month, we’ve been working on improving the styling of the views – now that everything is more “maintainable”. Here is what we pushed live this morning.

The new collapsed view

A long sought after feature was the ability to show more or less on the pipeline view. We’ve added a Collapsable option now, which is handy for all you folk with lots of deals!

New collapsed view

A lick of paint

The styling of the pipeline view was beginning to look a bit tattered. She’s been going for a couple of years now the poor old doll, so we thought we’d give her a lick of paint! The styling has been tweaked, we’ve added some margins between the columns and a bit more colour (and less grey). Nothing major, but you’ll definitely notice a difference.

lick of paint

Traffic lights

We’ve added traffic light symbols to the side of each deal. Amber, for example, means the deal needs updated. The challenge – should you accept it – is to turn all the lights to green 🙂

traffic lights

Sticky header

If you’ve got a lot of deals in your pipeline (good for you) then you’ll like this update. Now when you scroll down, each column head “sticks” to the top, so that you can see which column your deal sits under or that you are dragging to.

sticky header

That’s all the improvements for just now. If you notice any bugs or styling issues then just drop us an email at [email protected] There are more improvements in the pipeline (pardon the pun), so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.