How to view your conversion rates

When we did our customer survey before Christmas for Tracks for Highrise many customers asked for some basic sales pipeline stats like conversion rates.

In the last few weeks, we’ve added some new sales pipeline views for your Highrise deals and the ability to set a custom date range in these views.

Today, we’ve added conversion rates. Here are a couple of scenarios on how conversion rates work:

Conversion rates for confidence levels

In the screenshot below, you can see the won and lost totals for some confidence levels in Tracks. Below the totals, the conversion rate for each confidence level is given. The conversion rate is the percentage of deals won.

You can also see that a date range is set for this view (5 Feb 2012 – 5 Feb 2016). By setting a custom date range, it makes it possible to view the conversion rate in the last year or just this month or for any other date range you set for the view.

conversion rates for confidence levels

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Conversion rates for colleagues

Just like with confidence levels, you can view the conversion rates for yourself and other colleagues across a range of dates. Using the filter options in Tracks (see the second screenshot below), you can also break these conversion rates down by categories i.e. if you just want to see the conversion rate for each colleague for only some of the categories in a category group then use the filters.

Conversion rates for users

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conversion rate filters

Other options

As long as you have “won” and “lost” set in the filters (see above) conversion rates will appear at the top of each column (assuming you have converted deals, of course!). The conversion rates feature is not just limited to confidence levels or colleagues. You can also view conversion rates in the pipeline views for each category group i.e. sales stages, referrals, regions. One point to be aware of is that conversion rates don’t appear on the timeline view.

So that’s conversion rates for you! We hope you like this new feature. We think it goes well with the new pipeline views and custom dates features we have added recently.

If you have any questions then please just get in touch with Gregor or Ruth at [email protected]