Highrise Update: Custom fields for deals are (hopefully) in the pipeline!

Part of my daily routine is to check the Work in Progress YouTube channel for the day’s latest discussion between Jason Fried (CEO of Basecamp) and Nathan Kontny (CEO of Highrise).

Jason Fried and Nathan Kontny talk daily about Basecamp and Highrise

Jason Fried and Nathan Kontny talk daily about Basecamp and Highrise

Not only do you get a good insight into the way Jason and Nathan run their businesses and how they think, but you also get snippets into what might be next for Highrise.

In the recording from yesterday, Nathan talked about custom fields for deals.

We just discovered that you guys (Basecamp) had already built in the ability to add custom fields to deals and cases. The back-end already supports this…

It’s ready to go, it just needs some design…

A lot of people use the background field in Highrise for all sorts of things like stages, probability, referrer of the deal. We have talked about putting in stages before, but this (custom fields) would be so much more flexible and it’s already built in and it would support so many use cases than just adding a custom stage…

It’s still going to take some work, but it’s a lot less work than we thought.

After many requests from Highrise customers that use Tracks, we added in custom fields in 2013 to Tracks. Custom fields are used for things like stages, referrals, regions and product categories. Whilst this is a useful addition, the frustrating thing is that these custom fields in Tracks don’t integrate with categories or fields in Highrise. Hopefully, if Nathan and the team at Highrise add in custom fields to deals then we can do some integration magic on our side.

Great news all round.

If you want to keep up to date with the new developments at Highrise (and there are a lot) then follow Work in Progress, the Highrise blog and, of course, Highrise on Twitter. For any changes related to Tracks functionality, then we’ll be featuring them here on this blog.

Stay tuned for custom fields!