Highrise sales pipeline improvements

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been busy. The short summary is that we have done two things:

  1. Updated the Highrise deal sync
  2. Modified the individual deal page

We wanted to cover these changes in a bit more detail. So here goes:

Updating the sync Highrise option

There are a couple of ways to use Tracks with Highrise. One is to use it as a sales pipeline tool where you add, edit and manage deals in Tracks and push them to Highrise. This has been working well for many companies. The other is when you do more of the sales pipeline management in Highrise, but need extra reporting options.

Syncing individual deals or syncing all deals tends to be used more in the latter case. However, we were noticing that some information wasn’t syncing correctly. This included syncing who was responsible, Highrise categories and closing dates.

Syncing who is responsible and categories

Who is responsible and Highrise categories now sync perfectly well. The key change is that Tracks now treats Highrise as the “master” i.e. Tracks will always change who is responsible and the category to how it is set in Highrise.

This makes sense, particularly if you are doing most of your sales pipeline management in Highrise.

Syncing dates

The complication however with syncing is syncing closing dates. An example is as follows:

Say you mark a deal as “won” in Highrise on the 19th December. Highrise then stores this date as a “closing date”. If you login to Tracks and sync your deals this closing date of 19th December is then stored in Tracks too.

This makes sense up until you need to change the closing date to another date i.e. if the actual deal closed on 30th November. If you change the date in Tracks the date in Highrise still stays as 19th December. That means when you do a sync in Tracks the date will change back to 19th December.

A deal marked as won in Highrise

So the fix; we have added an “override” feature to Tracks. Taking the above example, if you want to change the closing date to 30th Novermber then just change it in Tracks and select “override Highrise closing date”. This means that when you sync your deals the closing date won’t change in Tracks. Tracks will keep a closing date of 30th November, whilst in Highrise the date will remain as 19th December (there’s no way to change this date in Highrise btw).

A deal marked as won in Tracks

We feel that this is an important improvement for those using Tracks as a reporting tool.

The new deal page

As you can see below, the deal page looks slightly different.

New Tracks sales deal interface

There are a few reasons we have made these changes:

  1. To focus the “edit opportunity” page on the things that most commonly change (next steps, value, confidence and date)
  2. To prepare the page for adding in deal history and contacts (more on this in the next few weeks)
  3. To reduce the overall size of some of the text, buttons and text boxes
  4. To add a note at the bottom of the “value” field to specify if the deal is saved as a fixed deal or a recurring deal (see below)

Highrise deal saved as a fixed deal
Highrise deal saved as a recurring deal

So where now?

As mentioned above, the deal pages will see more improvements over the next month or so. This will include contact details and deal history. We are also looking at a redesign of the interface, which forms part of improving the overall experience.

In regards to the sync feature, the goal is to continually improve the performance and speed of syncing and importing deals. Like changing the closing date, there are some things we can’t control, but we do have a roadmap to making it better than it is. Currently we don’t sync the description or the contacts for example, but that is coming soon. In the meantime, if you do notice conflicts in your data then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading