Four years

Four years ago today, we launched our founding memberships for early users of Tracks. It was $99 for two years for a founding membership and the start of us charging for Tracks. Internally, the launch version was v0.4.7 – we were still in beta.

Basecamp founding memberships to-do

The to-do list in our Basecamp account

The last paragraph in the promotional email read:

Our mission is to help you grow. We are building Tracks for you, so we want you to be part of it. Helping you grow will help us grow – and signing up for a founding membership is the first step towards that.

Four years on, our mission hasn’t changed. Helping customers grow is at the heart of what we set out to do. And it will continue to be, as we evolve.

For this post, we just wanted to take the time to say thanks for being part of the story so far.

Thanks for reading.

Gregor & Ruth