Exporting deals

The export feature in Tracks is very useful for producing reports or doing more pipeline analysis on your Highrise deals. It’s been a very popular feature over the years. And now we’ve just made it better.

You can read about the improvements below or watch the video to get a better feel. If you’ve got any feedback or comments then please just email us at [email protected] We may make more improvements in the future, so keep the ideas coming!

Export By Date Added

All exports are based on a date range. Up until recently you could only export deals based on the Closing Date i.e. exporting all deals closing this month.

Building on the new Date Added feature we released last month on the pipeline views, you can now export by the date deals were added to Highrise i.e. export all deals added this month.

Handy for checking how you’re getting on at lead generation.

Closing Date or Deal Added

You can export based on Closing Date or Deal Added

Quick Dates

It’s now easier to select your export date range with one click using the most frequently used date ranges like this month, last month, the year so far. Check out the new Quick Date links below.

quick dates

You can select a date range even quicker now

Choosing Columns To Export

You can now choose the columns you want to export. Previously, all columns were exported meaning you had to delete the columns you didn’t want, but now you can select only the handful you need in the CSV file. And what’s even better is that it remembers your selection for the next time!

Export columns

The columns you selected to export are remembered for next time

Export History

When it comes to data and exporting data from your business systems, it’s always good to have an audit trail. That’s why we’ve added the export history feature.

Now you can see a list of exports, who exported, when the export happened and the time period of the deals that were exported.

export history

Having an audit trail of exporting data is a good thing