Deals added this month

By default, the date that Tracks uses to display deals is the Closing Date. This could be the date the deal was Won or Lost or the date the deal is predicted to close.

Using the Closing Date is useful for forecasting and seeing what has been Won or Lost or what is due to close this month. But what if you want to see when deals were added not when they closed?

Well… we have now added a new feature that allows you to view your deals by the date they were added to Highrise – rather than the Closing Date set.

Here are a few examples on how the new feature works:

New deals this week / month

If you want to see how many new deals have been added to Highrise in the last few weeks or months then choose the relevant timeline view and date and select Added On under Filters.

deals added this month

New deals by user

If you want to see how many new deals have been added to Highrise in a certain period of time grouped by the people responsible then choose the Users view, set Custom Dates and select Added On under Filters. Below you can see that for the period between 1 June to 31 July 2016, George McFly has added eight deals worth a total of $236k

deals by user

Conversion rates

If you want to check the progress and conversion of deals by when they were added you can do this in any view and as long as you have Won and Lost selected in the Filters section the conversion rate will appear. In the example below, you can see that in May there were 22 deals added with a conversion rate of 40%.

conversion rates