How to connect the Closing Date and Custom Fields to Highrise

This article walks you through connecting Highrise Custom Fields to the Tracks Closing Date and Tracks Custom Fields.

The benefit of connecting these features is so that you can edit your deals in Highrise, saving you time switching between Tracks and Highrise to keep your sales pipeline up to date.

Once the features are connected, Tracks will sync with Highrise in the background. When you login to Tracks your sales pipeline will be up to date.

Note: you need to have the Tracks Auto Sync with Highrise enabled.

You may also find this help article by Highrise useful on setting up Custom Fields. Also check out adding Pre-defined Values.

Let’s get started

This article explains how to connect a Highrise Custom Field to:

  • The Tracks Closing Date
  • A Tracks Custom Field called Sales Stages
  • A Tracks Custom Field called Confidence

1. Highrise Custom Fields for Deals

Go to the Highrise Custom Fields for Deals page in Highrise. This is the URL to use:

Highrise custom fields for deals

2. Adding Custom Fields

In the Custom Fields page, add three Custom Fields called:

  • Closing Date
  • Confidence
  • Sales Stages

It should look like this:

new custom fields

3. Adding Confidence Levels

Add your Confidence Levels as Pre-defined Values. When you sign up for a trial of Tracks, a Confidence Custom Field is created with five Confidence Levels (1%, 5%, 20%, 50% and 70%). We will use these in this article, but if you change them make sure the Confidence Levels in Tracks match the Pre-defined Values in Highrise.

confidence custom field

Confidence Levels in Highrise

Note – you don’t need to create a Pre-defined Value called “Unassigned”. This is for Tracks only.

To view your Confidence Custom Field in Tracks please go here: and select Confidence on the left hand side

4. Adding sales stages

Add the sales stages of your sales process as Pre-defined Values. We’ve added a few stages as an example, but you can add as many as you want.

sales stages custom fields

5. Connecting the Closing Date

Login to Tracks and go to Custom Data settings

custom data settings

On the left hand side you will see an option for “Closing Date”. Click on “Connect”.

In the options within “Connect”, select Closing Date as the Custom Field, your date format preference and “Enable”. Note if your Custom Fields in Highrise are not displayed, go to “Setup” on the left hand navigation and sync your Custom Fields.

Connecting closing date

The date format represents the format that you and your team should enter dates into Highrise as i.e. mm/dd/yyyy. Note that if you select the written date format (e.g. 22 January 2016) we can only accept months in English.

Closing Date in Highrise

Closing Date in Highrise

Date format in Tracks

Date format in Tracks

Click on “Save settings” and your Closing Date in Tracks will now be connected to Highrise

6. Connecting Confidence

On the left hand side of the Custom Data settings page in Tracks you will see Confidence as an option. Click on this and then scroll down to “Connect to Highrise Custom Fields”.

Select “Confidence” and then press “Save settings”.

Your Tracks Confidence Custom Field is now connected to your Confidence Custom Field in Highrise.

Connecting confidence as a custom field

7. Connect Sales Stage

If you have not already created a Custom Field in Tracks called “Sales Stages” then please do that now. You can do that be clicking on “Add+” on the left hand side of the Custom Data settings page. Add a group called “Sales Stages”.

Once the Sales Stages Custom Field has been created, you need to add Custom Field Values to the Custom Field. These Custom Field Values should be exactly the same as the Pre-defined Values you added in Highrise.

The Custom Field Values in Tracks should match the Pre-defined Values in Highirse

The Custom Field Values in Tracks should match the Pre-defined Values in Highirse

pre-defined values

The Pre-defined Values in Highirse should match the Custom Field Values in Tracks

Once you have added your Custom Field Values to Tracks connect the Sales Stages Custom Field to Highrise (just like you did with Confidence).

Connecting sales stages

Your Highrise Custom Fields are now connected to Tracks. When you edit a deal in Highrise, Tracks will update in the background. Similarly, if you update a deal in Tracks (like changing the Closing Date, Confidence Level or Sales Stages) then that change will be pushed to Highrise.


We’ve also put together some videos that go through he process above

Closing Date

Sales Stages

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