Cold deal warnings

Sales pipeline views in Tracks show the last time a pending deal was updated i.e. “Updated 8 days ago”. If the deal hasn’t been updated in a while, the last updated text and status traffic light turn yellow.

This acts as a visual warning that the deal could be going cold.

Deal view with new cold warning

Up until now the warning appeared after seven days of inactivity. Now you can change this default to whatever period of time suits your business.

How to change the default

To change your default warning period, just login to Tracks and select Preferences on the top right hand side. You can then change the number of days before you want to see the warning displayed.

Cold deal warning settings

It’s also worth noting that the number of days you enter will be considered in the weekly emails from Tracks i.e. the deals that “need some love”.

We hope this helps you keep on top of your sales pipeline.

Thanks for reading!