Building sales pipeline software is hard

Last Saturday was the 1st November, and an anniversary. It was our 2-year anniversary of creating our founding membership subscription – the start of us charging for Tracks.

When we switched on the founding memberships, Tracks was still in alpha mode and it was just a Highrise plugin, but we offered the $97 founding membership because we knew that the free version would be coming to an end and to help us develop trust. In return for $97, the founding member got 2 years free of whatever we built and a chance to shape the product.

The original founder membership email went out to 177 people

The original founding membership email went out to 177 people

Within a couple of minutes of sending the founding membership email out, we had our first founding member; a 3D printing company from South Africa. In the last couple of days, I’ve had the pleasure of emailing this customer sharing that they were the first customer. It was even better to hear back that “Tracks is still continuing to be useful”.

But as useful as Tracks might be, building sales pipeline software is hard. There are multitude of reasons for this, but in our experience the difficulty comes down to one thing; it’s hard to get customers to make your software part of their workflow.

Our customers are running companies, they are actively selling, they are juggling many things. So if our software is even slightly complicated or awkward to use, customer won’t adopt it.

Since the beginning, we’ve always favoured the side of simplicity – as one customer generously reviewed:

“The learning curve is literally minutes”

But even that’s not enough at times. Sales isn’t simple, so to just provide simple sales pipeline software is a slap in the face of the people trying to get business done. Sure, we can’t satisfy every potential customer, but we could satisfy more by making the learning curve shallower, by making Tracks faster to add and edit deals or to help customers build Tracks into their workflows.

Coming to the end of the founding memberships period is a reminder of where Tracks has come from, but even more importantly, it’s a kick in the ass to press on and make the software much more useful. And that’s what we’re striving for in the next 2 years.

As The Hollies once sang, “The road… is… looooooooong…”.

Thanks for reading.