Using Highrise and Tracks

The need for Tracks came from our own experience as Highrise users. In late 2011, we became frustrated managing our sales pipeline (for a client) using a spreadsheet even though Highrise had some sales functionality.

The spreadsheet had all our deals listed in it with extra data like next steps, closing date and confidence levels. But it soon became a bit clunky. It also got confusing when different versions were emailed between team members. And of course, being a spreadsheet, it wasn’t so good “on the go”.

So we sketched a few wireframes, looked at what was possible with the Highrise API and got to work on a sales pipeline tool that would extend Highrise Deals.

Soon after realising that the tool helped us track our sales pipeline more efficiently, Tracks was born. Read More…

Introducing The Foundation Plan

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Back in 2012, when we launched Tracks as a sales pipeline plugin for Highrise, we had limited integration options for new customers. Over the last four years, we’ve added more options and ways to customise Tracks. As customer needs have grown, we have grown.

We’ve also learned a ton about how to set up a sales pipeline for Highrise using Tracks. Not everyone uses Highrise the same way and, as a result, not everyone uses Tracks the same way. And that’s the reason we’ve created the Foundation Plan.

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Recurring Deals Update

Today we released an extra option to the Recurring Deals feature: you can now Ignore or Include your Recurring Deals in the pipeline views. The reason we added this is to make conversion rates more accurate (see Why does this matter? below).

This article explains in full about the new feature, however if you’re unfamiliar with the Recurring Deals concept then here is a quick video and example of what a Recurring Deal is:

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Posting Notes to Highrise

If you are editing a lot of deals in Tracks either in the edit deal view or the pipeline view then your Latest Activity feed in Highrise can clog up quite quickly. Now there is a way to stop this!

Today, we added the option to switch off notes that are posted to Highrise from Tracks. And don’t worry, even if you do switch this off you can still post a note from the edit deal page, if you select “Post a note to Highrise”, so it’s never completely gone! Here’s a quick demo:

How to connect the Closing Date and Custom Fields to Highrise

This article walks you through connecting Highrise Custom Fields to the Tracks Closing Date and Tracks Custom Fields.

The benefit of connecting these features is so that you can edit your deals in Highrise, saving you time switching between Tracks and Highrise to keep your sales pipeline up to date.

Once the features are connected, Tracks will sync with Highrise in the background. When you login to Tracks your sales pipeline will be up to date.

Note: you need to have the Tracks Auto Sync with Highrise enabled.

You may also find this help article by Highrise useful on setting up Custom Fields. Also check out adding Pre-defined Values.

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Tracks and Highrise Custom Fields

In November, we wrote about Highrise developing Custom Fields for Deals, which was released in December. Since then we’ve been waiting for Custom Fields to be available via the Highrise API, so that we could be integrate with them.

The good news is that Custom Fields are now available in the Highrise API. The even better news is that we have built an integration between Highrise Custom Fields and the Tracks Closing Date and Tracks Custom Fields. And it is available now!

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The new sync with Highrise deals

The start of the year at Tracks was dedicated to building the new sales pipeline views in Tracks for Highrise. But in the last month, we’ve been working on a few backend improvements.

Recently, we’ve completed an overhaul of our sync with Highrise deals. We’ve also been working on the integration with Highrise Custom Fields and a Highrise to Tracks Closing Date sync.

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The Today button and the Home button

When we launched the new sales pipeline views last month for Tracks for Highrise, we also added two new buttons that make it easier and quicker to navigate Tracks. They are called the Today button and the Home button. Here’s some information about our new friends :)

The Today button

When you login to Tracks, the view that you are taken to is the timeline view starting at the month of your oldest pending deal i.e. if you have a pending deal with a closing date of two months ago then Tracks will log you in two months back from today. Sometimes you want to go straight to the current month, so in order to quickly do that we’ve added a “Today” button. You can see how this works below.

quick link to today

The Home button

Following on from the “Today” button, you can now set your own home view (or default view). This can be a timeline view, sales stages, confidence, users – or any of the other views we’ve added including any filters you have set. When you login, you’ll be taken to your home view. It is your default – and you can change it any time.

setting your home default view


If you have any questions about these new features then please just get in touch with Gregor or Ruth at

How to view your conversion rates

When we did our customer survey before Christmas for Tracks for Highrise many customers asked for some basic sales pipeline stats like conversion rates.

In the last few weeks, we’ve added some new sales pipeline views for your Highrise deals and the ability to set a custom date range in these views.

Today, we’ve added conversion rates. Here are a couple of scenarios on how conversion rates work: Read More…

Setting custom dates on the sales pipeline views

A couple of weeks ago we launched several new sales pipeline views in Tracks for Highrise. These views allow you to view your Highrise deals grouped by categories (like sales stages), confidence levels and users.

Today, we’ve added an improvement to the new views: the option to set a custom date range. For example, if you want to view your Highrise deals won and lost in the last 12 months grouped by sales person then you can. Check it out below (click on the image to see a full view).

Custom date range for new pipeline views

Click the image to enlarge

Don’t forget you can also reorder the columns in each view and you can set any of the new views (including with custom dates) as your Tracks default URL.

If you have any questions then please just get in touch with Gregor or Ruth at