Insider Tips #5 – Solving your own problems


The KnowMyRankings Founders – Louis Reingold, left, Andrew Berls, center, and Mike Holubowski, right

This week in our Insider Tips interview we spoke to Louis Reingold, the co-founder of KnowMyRankings. In the interview you’ll learn about his new product that tracks SEO performance and how him and the team built it to satisfy their own needs. Enjoy!

Can introduce KnowMyRankings and what your role is?

KnowMyRankings is a Google rank tracking service I founded with two partners. Every day it automatically checks the positions of your websites in Google for the keywords you are tracking. It’s my first SaaS product. I used to live in a college town and my neighbor Mike was a Rails developer and about to graduate – so I told him “let’s start a business”. He brought in Andrew, also a Rails developer, and we built KnowMyRankings. My focus so far has mostly been on designing the product, and I will be moving towards marketing soon.

Where did the idea come from for KnowMyRankings?

KnowMyRankings isn’t my first business. I’ve been creating and selling software for a long time and a big percentage of my sales have always come from Google. So I’ve always needed a way to track my own Google rankings, but I just wasn’t happy with the existing solutions – mainly that I’d want to log in and see where I was at for a keyword, as well as my historical performance, the charts and ranking data were just laid out in such a horrible way it was really hard to digest. So we wanted to make a simple way to just show people their rankings in a beautiful and easy to understand way. I noticed with the other rank tracking services I tried that I, ultimately, didn’t end up using them – it was just too unpleasant – and my SEO efforts suffered as a result.

The KnowMyRankings dashboard allows you to quickly review your SEO performance

The KnowMyRankings dashboard allows you to quickly review your SEO performance

What has been the early feedback from customers?

The weekly email rank reports are everyone’s favorite so far. I’m using KnowMyRankings to track the rankings for the websites that sell my other products – WP All Import and Prosociate. I rarely login to the KnowMyRankings dashboard. I just get the email once per week with my current ranking, where I was last week (avg), and where I was long ago.

With the weekly email, I know if I’m falling or gaining and if I need to take any action. For example, I know I need to do some work for “CSV”-related keywords for WP All Import soon because I’ve lost a bit of ground recently.

“I’ve always needed a way to track my own Google rankings, but I just wasn’t happy with the existing solutions”

Is it still worth using KnowMyRankings if I’m not having an SEO push?

Yes. Even if you aren’t actively doing SEO, it is good to know where you’re at anyway – you might decide to move forward with an SEO push if you see yourself slowly moving up the rankings without focusing on SEO. The most clicks obviously go to the #1 result. If you’re on page 2, you’re not going to get many clicks.

Additionally, if you saw yourself ranking #11 for some keywords, you might decide to spend a little time or money on SEO and get yourself onto page 1. If you notice you’re hovering around #2 and have never focused on SEO… maybe it’s time to go get that top spot.

The weekly email from KnowMyRankings is a killer feature

The weekly email from KnowMyRankings is a killer feature

What other tools compliment KnowMyRankings?

Google Analytics or Clicky are good. KnowMyRankings tells you where you are ranking. But Google Analytics will actually tell you how much traffic you’re getting from Google in the first place. If you’re serious about marketing then you should track all of your marketing efforts. Know all the details about everything that is sending you visitors and sales.

“Use WordPress to build your website and install one of the popular SEO plugins”

Finally, if you had one SEO tip for small businesses what would it be?

Find an SEO guy you can trust – and learn enough about SEO to know what to look for when contracting out your SEO efforts. SEO is hard and you’re probably not going to be able to do it all yourself – especially the off site stuff like link building.

The second tip would be to use WordPress to build your website and install one of the popular SEO plugins – that’ll take care of your on-site SEO efforts pretty much automatically.

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