About Us Pages: Jeremy Mitchell

In the third part of our series: “The About Us Page: From the least important page to the most important page“ we interviewed Jeremy Mitchell the founder and developer behind Best About Pages. Could there be any better a person to interview on About Us pages?

Let’s get started:

Gregor McKelvieHey Jeremy. Thanks for doing this! You’ve been running bestaboutpages.com since July 2011. Why did you start the site?

Jeremy MitchellI launched Best About Pages on July 1 2011 after having a conversation over coffee with a friend of mine about gallery websites. I said, “I’ve had this idea about a website that features about pages.” He told me it was a good idea and that I should do it.

As I was driving back to my office, I was thinking about the idea and wondering what I would call it. While at a red light, I went to GoDaddy and searched “bestaboutpages.com”… it was available! So, I bought it right then and there. I got back to office and I found a WordPress theme and a few hours later, bestaboutpages.com was launched.

At the time, I was doing a lot of research for a client’s website. I wanted their about page to be awesome. I had maybe 100 or so About Pages bookmarked in Chrome. I spent the next few weeks slowly populating the site.


Gregor McKelvieOnce a upon a time, About Pages were really boring to read, but not so much these days. Why do you think more effort goes into About Pages now?

Jeremy MitchellPeople and companies are starting to realize that their About Page is one of the most important pages that helps recruit clients and potential employees. It’s the best way to show what you really are about. The about pages that are the best have great photography, videos and a short compelling story. About Pages have always been the first page that I go to when I visit a website. They are a great way to show the true culture of your company.


Gregor McKelvieIn a way, About Pages tell a story. They give life to the business. What are the different ways you have seen companies tell their stories online? Do you have a personal favourite about page?

Jeremy MitchellA short, well-done video is always a great way to tell your story. I have lots of favourites. One of my favourites is Ugmonk. They have a very compelling About Page. Another favourite is the about section of the agency I work for, redpepper.


Gregor McKelvieAs a UI designer are there specific features on About Pages you think work / engage website visitors more than others?

Jeremy MitchellMore visuals than text. I believe people are more likely to stay on any page longer if there’s more video and photos to look at.


Gregor McKelvieA lot of companies perhaps struggle to tell their story in an engaging way on their About Page. Where / how would you recommend they start?

Jeremy MitchellHire a copywriter : )


Gregor McKelvieSo do you think that the future is bright for About Pages?


Jeremy MitchellA lot of home pages are starting to resembled “about” pages. Such as Groovemade. I think this is a great idea. It gives the visitor a front row seat of who the company really is, right there on the home page. Who says the “about” page can only be on the “about” page?

Bottom line, be honest. Tell your story the best you know how. Show who you really are.


About Jeremy Mitchell

Jeremy Mitchell is an art director, web designer & filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the creator of BestAboutPages.com, BestProductSites.com, ForYourInspiration.com and Mitchell Bat Co. Jeremy is currently the Senior UI Designer at redpepper.

About this interview

This is the third interview in a our series: “About Us Pages – from the least important page to the most important page“. As well as interviewing Jeremy, we also interviewed Nils Sköld, a UX web designer and Ben Davis who is on Econsultancy’s editorial team.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be reaching out to other suitably qualified people to help them share what they think the future of About Us pages is – and we’ll be sharing a few gems along the way too. Thanks for reading.

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