5 improvements we’d like to see in Highrise

As we mentioned yesterday, we are delighted that Nathan Kontny is the new CEO of Highrise and that Highrise is becoming its own company. The future is looking brighter.

In the spirit of things, we thought we’d add to the comments (and future debate no doubt) on improvements we’d like to see in the (new?) Highrise. Read More…

Interface tip: User experience improvements #1

Hello! This is the first in a series of design changes and feature updates which we will be rolling out over the next bit of time and adding to the learning series. We have improved the drag and drop feature to make viewing info in your sales pipeline quicker and easier. We are working on making these small changes that will hopefully make using Tracks just that little bit smoother.

Social proof goes a long way – Insider Tips #3

William Channer

Chasing people down is difficult. Most of the time you’ve got to stick at it to get a response. This is not just for sales, but in many aspects of life. As Dan Pink says in his book, everyone is in sales.

So on that note, this week in Insider Tips we interviewed William Channer, a man who has interviewed many of the tech world’s biggest influencers. We were curious to hear if William had a process for finding, contacting and chasing potential interviewees. It sounds like a tough job. Here’s what he had to say. Read More…

Turning a client project into a product – Insider Tips #2

Kenton Ward Bookitbee

As part of our new Insider Tips series, we’re interviewing successful agency founders with the aim of helping you overcome the challenges in your agency.

This week we spoke to Kenton Ward, co-founder of Bookitbee, who has recently stopped client work at his agency to focus on Bookitbee. Read on to see how he managed to do it. Read More…

3 reasons why Highrise is still a good option for your CRM and contact manager

This is the first post we’ve written about Highrise and the announcement that it was for sale. Partly because we’ve been taking stock and partly because… well… we don’t see that much changing.

Whilst many have been quick to jump on the RIP Highrise bandwagon we’ve taken a business as usual approach. And when we read Barbara Taylor’s article on why she is still a Highrise customer, we thought it would be good to add to the sentiment that Highrise should still be a consideration for your small business.

Here are our 3 reasons why: Read More…

Winning & retaining clients – Insider Tips #1

Luke Taylor of Pixeldot

As part of our Insider Tips series, we are interviewing agency founders about challenges they have faced growing their agency. From how to win clients to how to recruit good people, we’re covering a lot of ground.

This week we were lucky enough to interview Luke Taylor, the founder of Pixeldot Creative, on winning and retaining clients. Read More…