Rewarding talent

There’s a good discussion in the video below between Jason Fried and Scott Heiferman on employee stock options.

When stock options and equity plans are discussed in a business, many times it can be in the context of what the employee will get should there be a sale of the company. Of course, the business has to show significant potential, profits and / or revenue grow before the sale happens. Read More…

Insider Tips #8 – Choosing a niche is not a risk


This week in our Insider Tips interview we spoke to Alex O’Byrne, the co-founder of WeMakeWebsites – an agency specialised in building ecommerce sites. In the interview you’ll learn about how Alex and his co-founder decided to focus on a niche area and how they have gained from it. Enjoy! Read More…

Less frustrated vs happier

The difference between making someone less frustrated vs happier is huge. He / she might be happier that they are less frustrated, but they are still frustrated. Making someone happier as the default – instead of less frustrated – should be your goal.

What’s your service’s angle on that? What are you striving for? If you’re striving for a slightly better experience than that of your competitors then you’ve missed the boat. Read More…

Is your agency thinking big enough?

As you’ll see in our Insider Tips series, many of the tips come from agency founders and how they have grown their agencies. In the video below from The Drum’s Agency Acceleration Day, we’ve pinched a tip from Rob Shaw, the CEO of Epiphany on thinking big.

If you’re trying to grow your small business we think Rob’s tip of running the business as if it’s “already the scale you hope it to be” is spot on. Watch the clip below for more.