Turning a client project into a product – Insider Tips #2

Kenton Ward Bookitbee

As part of our new Insider Tips series, we’re interviewing successful agency founders with the aim of helping you overcome the challenges in your agency.

This week we spoke to Kenton Ward, co-founder of Bookitbee, who has recently stopped client work at his agency to focus on Bookitbee. Read on to see how he managed to do it. Read More…

3 reasons why Highrise is still a good option for your CRM and contact manager

This is the first post we’ve written about Highrise and the announcement that it was for sale. Partly because we’ve been taking stock and partly because… well… we don’t see that much changing.

Whilst many have been quick to jump on the RIP Highrise bandwagon we’ve taken a business as usual approach. And when we read Barbara Taylor’s article on why she is still a Highrise customer, we thought it would be good to add to the sentiment that Highrise should still be a consideration for your small business.

Here are our 3 reasons why: Read More…

Winning & retaining clients – Insider Tips #1

Luke Taylor of Pixeldot

As part of our Insider Tips series, we are interviewing agency founders about challenges they have faced growing their agency. From how to win clients to how to recruit good people, we’re covering a lot of ground.

This week we were lucky enough to interview Luke Taylor, the founder of Pixeldot Creative, on winning and retaining clients. Read More…

Upcoming improvements

It’s the end of June. Halfway through the year, and it has been very busy for us. We’ve being laying the foundations for improving everything we do over the next six months.

We’ve a bunch of new developments planned inside the app and outside the app. These developments are fundamentally aimed at helping our existing and new users. We’re so excited, we just couldn’t keep it in, so here’s a snippet of some of that things you can expect:

Read More…

Your agency’s systems rely on people

New tools, new systems, new processes are a pain right? Agencies just want to get on and do client work. But someone has come up with why your agency needs to invest in this shiny new app that’s going to improve productivity by 400% and you’ve gone for it.

Now you’re left with staff that don’t know how to use it, processes that no one follows and extra costs that have hurt your efficiencies. And it’s not made you any more money.

This happens. A lot

Given the amount of new applications and tools that are appearing on the market (and the increasing difficulty in trying to keep up), I thought I’d list a few things you should do to make a new product (or system) work for your agency. I’m not guaranteeing 400% increase in productivity, but for a small agency, managing time and being productive is very important. Read More…