Billing and payments update

It has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally made some changes to the billing and payments section of Tracks that will make life a bit easier for you.

We’ve made four key improvements. Here they are:

Changing the account owner

You can now change the account owner to another Tracks user (providing they have logged into Tracks at least once). Note that this can only be done by the current account owner.

changing tracks account owner

Updating credit card details

For those paying on a monthly basis, if you need to change your credit card details then you can now.

updating credit card details

Changing the receipt email

You can change the email address that payment receipts are sent to from our payments provider called Stripe.

change receipt email

A history of billing

And last but not least, we’ve added a billing history section, which includes successful payments, receipt numbers, who receipts were sent to, any failed payment attempts (like with an expired credit card) and any refunds given.

billing history