10 features you ought to know about

In the last 6 months we’ve made a lot of changes and grown Tracks as a product. Some changes are really big and some are really small and some just go unnoticed. So we wanted to share 10 new features that we thought you ought to know about.


You now have more export options. When you do an export you can filter what is exported by status, person responsible, category and confidence level.

more export options

Sorting deals

You can order deals by a number of factors like status, value, closing, date, etc. But did you know the button on the top right hand side of the column head sorts the deals lowest to highest and highest to lowest?

Sorting deals in Tracks

Confidence levels

A long standing feature request was to add customised confidence levels. You can now do this in your “account“.

Editing confidence levels

Remember me?

If you use Google or Highrise to authenticate your account you used to have to authenticate every time you logged in. Now you don’t need to with our remember me cookies.

Remember me

Bookmarking URLs

Every URL you navigate to in Tracks is “real”. For example, if you only want to see deals by you for a certain category in a certain time period with certain confidence levels then the URL reflects this. You can save it in your bookmarks in your preferred browser and just keep returning to it. No need for you to apply filters all the time.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Tracks is a “responsive” application. This basically means that it works and “responds” to different devices and browser widths – so you can always access Tracks regardless of where you are.

Auto syncing and import from Highrise

We recently upgraded our syncing and import options for Highrise users and Tracks Plus account holders. Now Tracks is kept up to date with Highrise automatically. Any changes to deals in Highrise are synced and any new deals added to Highrise are imported. No more manual labor involved!

Auto syncing and importing from Highrise

Overriding closing dates

When you change a deal status in Highrise on the 26th June but the deal actually closed on 20th June and you make this change in Tracks; every time you sync your deals with Highrise the closing date will return to 26th June. To stop this happening we added the override feature. This is only available once a deal is won or lost.

override closign dates

Contacts order

Tracks also has basic contact options. For Highrise users, it simply syncs contact information. But did you know the order in which they appear in Tracks is replicated in Highrise?

contacts order

Drag ‘n’ drop

Last but not least, there is a drag ‘n’ drop feature on the pipeline interface. Simply just drag ‘n’ drop a deal to a new column and it will change the closing date accordingly i.e. if you’re looking at a weekly view the closing date will change by a week.

drag and drop update

That is all for just now. There is much more coming in the next 6 months, so keep an eye out for the big and the small changes!

Thanks for reading