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John Collins from Fleet Genius said:

This app does a great job at straightforward sales pipeline management for us. We’ve been using it for a year and it keeps getting better and more powerful.

Geoff Brandt from The TCS Group said:

Tracks is a very functional and flexible pipeline tool that your sales team will immediately incorporate into its workflow. The learning curve is literally minutes.

Mark Pavan from Mapa Research said:

A straight forward and user friendly sales management tool that has and is growing with us. We benefit in having a better sales function as a result.

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Drag ‘n’ drop it like it’s hot

Move your deals around your sales pipeline with ease. Tracks is refreshingly simple and purposefully feature light. We’ve got a whole “say no to feature bloat” thing going on. So go on… drag n drop to your heart’s content. It’s that easy.

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Great support, we mean it

Since the very beginning we've responded quickly to requests and helped customers use Tracks. We've also got a heaps of videos and quick tips to get you started. And if you're still not satisfied we'll jump on a Skype call. You succeeding is us succeeding. And we mean that.

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Built for small teams

Business is better done together. We don't want you to be alone, so Tracks is built for small groups working towards a shared goal. There are no limits on the amount of users and we also think you'll be better off getting your colleagues involved. Who else would you share all the glory with?

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Tracks by name, Tracks by nature

We track your deals. No pun intended. We let you know when deals go cold, we send you an email prompt of deals closing that day and you'll also get a weekly summary giving you the low-down on which deals need some love. You succeeding helps us succeed. Our interests are aligned.

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Pricing even your granny would love.

We've made Tracks affordable. There are no per user fees, invite as many people to use it as you want and you can pay monthly or for the year. Tracks is $16pm. Or if you're a Highrise user, it's $25pm.

You also get 25% off if you sign up for a year and if you're not happy within 30 days we'll refund your money!

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Tracks for mobile and tablet

Tracks goes where you go. It's designed to allow you to see your pipeline and deals on the go. Just login on your smart phone or your tablet and you'll get access. No fuss included.

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Integrates with the best

Tracks integrates with Highrise and Google Apps. We've also got an API, Zapier Integration, a Chrome extension and Freshbooks add-on in development. So you can plugin, sit back and relax. A steep learning curve is not included. Psst... you can also export your data very easily.

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One less plate to spin.

Client meetings, proposal writing, team briefings, accounts, it goes on... running an agency means you're already spinning way too many plates. Tracks allows you to not worry about your pipeline, once set-up you'll have peace of mind knowing what's round the corner.

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